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At Boson, we don't just strive for technological perfection – we embody it in every product, service, and innovation we deliver.

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Arduino Authorized Seller. Step into our electronics store, where innovation meets convenience. As a hub for cutting-edge technology enthusiasts, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop destination for all things IoT, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and an extensive array of sensors and modules. From versatile Arduino microcontrollers to the limitless possibilities of Raspberry Pi, and an assortment of sensors that can bring your projects to life, we curate a diverse selection to cater to every tech aficionado's needs.


We specialize in the development of machines and prototypes. Our dedicated team of engineers and innovators collaborates seamlessly to transform conceptual ideas into tangible realities. From conceptualization to fabrication, we leverage the latest technological paradigms to engineer machines that push the boundaries of innovation. Precision, efficiency, and functionality are at the core of our development process, ensuring that each prototype we create represents the pinnacle of technological achievement.


We revolutionize industries through our cutting-edge Automation and Digitalization services, transforming traditional machines and processes into highly efficient, intelligent systems. Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating advanced technologies to optimize operations, enhance productivity, and reduce manual interventions. Through our innovative solutions, we empower businesses to navigate the digital era with ease, ensuring a streamlined and automated future.


Our expertise extends to a range of essential technologies, and our flagship training service encompasses Arduino, IoT, and SolidWorks. Whether you're a beginner eager to delve into the world of microcontrollers with Arduino, an enthusiast looking to master the intricacies of the Internet of Things (IoT), or a professional seeking proficiency in SolidWorks for 3D design, our training modules cater to all skill levels. Our seasoned instructors blend theoretical knowledge with hands-on, practical applications to ensure that participants not only grasp the fundamentals but also gain the confidence to implement these technologies effectively.


Our web development service stands as a testament to our commitment to transforming digital landscapes. we craft bespoke websites that not only captivate but also seamlessly function, providing an immersive user experience. Our team of skilled developers meticulously code each site to perfection, ensuring responsiveness, security, and scalability. Whether it's a dynamic e-commerce platform, an interactive corporate website, or a robust web application, our web development service is a harmonious blend of innovation and precision, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.



We are specialized in delivering design solutions to meet the unique needs of companies across various industries. With a blend of creativity and technical expertise, we offer unparalleled services in crafting both 2D and 3D designs for products or components. Whether you're envisioning a new product line, seeking to enhance existing designs, or require precision in part prototyping, our team is dedicated to transforming concepts into tangible, visually compelling realities.

Our years of experience makes us the ideal partner for your next project. We won't shy away from a challenge, but also know how to manage risks.

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”Timeliness and quality are key factors for our projects. With that in mind, I readily provide that 'Boson Electronics' is on one of top vendors that we depend on to fulfill emergent requirements, expeditiously and efficiently, making them a reliable partner to us”

- Prof. Ass. Dr. Xhevahir Bajrami

”RIT Kosovo (A.U.K) has greatly appreciated the cooperation with Boson Electronics, who have been very organized, flexible and very responsive to our requests, also appreciating the way of preparing the training and other transfer processes, being very satisfied with the expertise of the trainers, with their approach and lecture methods.”

- Enis Vehapi

”The company 'Boson Electronics' has shown to be quite professional in supplying the required equipment, performing the installation, construction of the mechanism and training for the use of the equipment provided.”

- Mr. Sc. Përparim Shurdhiqi

”Every day, they strive to improve their service to the clients by developing the right blend of technology and creativity to make sure every job done is done as efficiently as possible.”

- Sharon Roddy


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silver iMac displaying color gradient

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a person sitting at a desk with a laptop and a coffee cup
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Change by Design by Tim Brown book beside smartphone